Bienvenido Chelito

Welcome to Hey Chelito!

I have made the  decision to move to Nicaragua. I have visited here several times and simply, fell in love with the country, the people,  and the culture. I am writing this from a modest home in Managua, staying with a family while I transition to my new home in León.

Street vendors called “Hey Chelito, qué quiere? ” as I walked by.     Taxi drivers honked and yelled “Hey Chelito!” as they slowed to see if I needed a ride.  I have accepted it as a term of endearment.

I am a traveller at heart. I grew up living out of van during family vacations for weeks and sometimes months at a time. Our longest trip was just over twenty-thousands miles. In college, I spent months traveling Eastern and Western Europe living out of a backpack. I ate mostly street food and small purchases from the local markets. Bread, water, fruit, and cheese were the backbone of my diet, with a couple of local beers thrown in for good measure.

Working for many years in the hospitality industry, my travels were severely hindered. I was lucky to get away for three or four days, at most. My heart ached for my next travel experience. I was never one to stay in a hotel for a week or take a cruise. It pains me to spend exorbitant amounts of money to lie down and sleep. Cruises just seemed like shopping malls to me – I hate shopping. When I travel, I make sure to go somewhere where I can learn and experience the local culture. I have slept in hostels, one or two star hotels, park benches, overnight trains, and rented rooms from home owners long before Airbnb.

After the family business sold, I knew that this was my chance.  I decided to move to Léon, Nicaragua. I had been there several times and fell in love with its colonial beauty and simple way of life. Léon is one of Nicaragua’s oldest cities, founded in 1524.  It is the second largest city  in Nicaragua. It is the country’s cultural center. The city is loaded with poetry, art, music, students, and history of its violent past.

“Hey Chelito!” is be about “Life as an Expat”.  It is be about how I adjusted to my new home. I will write about personal travel experiences, the difficulties of leaving home in the  States, life in a new country, and daily life in Nicaragua. I have decided to start this site to aid the curious in their personal travel experiences and to help those who have decided to make the jump and move abroad. These are my Tales.

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