Mother’s Day in Nicaragua

Mother's Day, Nicaragua, May 30

School children present roses to their mothers and teachers.

Mother’s Day in Nicaragua

Today, Tuesday, May 30,  is Mother’s Day in Nicaragua. I am shocked at just how big the celebrations are here. The country is abuzz with festivals and parties. In Nicaragua, Mother’s Day is more a series of events rather than just one day, the month of  May is Mother’s Month. Nicaraguan’s put a huge emphasis on the nuclear family. It is the most important social bond.  Mother’s Day, exemplifies this cultural bond, rivaled only by the festivities of the Christmas season and Semana Santa, the holy week leading up to the Easter holiday. 

Restaurants, store fronts, and individual homes are decorated in anticipation of the holiday. Specialty gifts are available throughout the month of May, prominently displayed in supermarket aisles, sidewalks, storefronts, and bakeries.  The usual gifts are common, but as is customary, and many local will tell you that it is mandatory, mother’s expect a cake. There are lines in the bakeries. The sidewalks are bustling with folks trying to get their decorated cake home before the icing begins to melt.

Mother's Day, Nicaragua, May 30

A schoolyard is decorated for Mother’s Day.

Women, and often, young girls take on domestic duties in the household at an early age. Their subordinate roles are praised with a reverence that I yet to witness in the States. To say that Mother’s Day is a holiday in Nicaragua would be an understatement. May 30, though officially an “observance,” is a national holiday here, though some men find themselves working a half-day.  City offices, government buildings, and schools take a half day on the 29th for larges celebrations and their doors are  shuttered until the May 31st.  Street vendors close up shop early.

Mother's Day, Nicaragua, May 30

I even bought pastries for the engineer in charge of issuing building permits. Hey, it can’t hurt.

Nicaraguan’s are a hardworking culture. The spent long hours at work, often times in the blistering heat for very little pay. They take advantage of every holiday to the fullest. It is a beautiful thing to see the great amounts of energy exerted to praise and to show appreciation to the mother’s and maternal figures who are so predominant in this culture.

Viva León Jodido!

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