Viva León, Jodido!

Viva León, Jodido!, Nicaragua,travel.
Viva Leon Jodido, León, Nicaragua

Outside wall at the baseball stadium.

Viva León, Jodido!

I have received emails and comments regarding my signature/sign off on my posts. I have been signing off with Viva León Jodido!, a common expression in León. If you google the word Jodido, you get some naughty translations.  I have recently purchased a house in León and have embraced the slogan. Jodido is translated and is interpreted differently across Central and South America.

billboard, jodido, León

Restaurant billboard for Pollo Estrella

A (Very) Brief History León

I feel that a short history of León, its people, and its culture are important to understand why these people are so strong, resolute, resilient, and tenacious.

León was originally founded in 1524, but after the eruption of the Momotombo volcano, which devastated the city, it was moved to its present site in 1610. The original site known as León Viejo, is now an attraction of ruins. León was also the center of the Sandinista battles of the late 70s. It is a city of perseverance.

León has a troubled past. Its history is filled with struggles and destruction. León is the “First Capital of the Revolution” under the Sandonistas. It is one of the oldest colonial cities in Nicaragua with more cathedrals and churches per capita than any other Nicaraguan city. The León Cathedral is the largest cathedral in Central America. Canons were strategically place in the bell towers of the cathedral during battles. León has served as the Nicaragua’s capitol for a time, the honor had bounced back and forth with Granada until a compromise was made– Managua is now Nicaragua’s capitol.

León is the intellectual and politically liberal core of Nicaragua. It also functions as a commercial and industrial hub for the country.

The Motto of León

In León, Viva León, Jodido! is the city’s slogan and motto. It has become a term of endearment and a rally cry. The phrase litters the city. The song Viva León, Jodido! was performed by La Nueva Compania as part of the opening ceremonies of the 2007 Miss Nicaragua Pageant. Jodido can be translated as fucked up, gone to hell, son of a bitch, broken, all messed up, motherfucker etc. The phrase is used so often in Nicaragua that the literal translation has lost it vulgarity.

Lyrics to Viva León, Jodido!

León Santiago de los Caballeros es mi linda ciudad colonial, 

perfumada con los pebeteros de su imponente y antigua Catedral.

El pochote es su fuente Castalia donde Mena se fuera a inspirar,

donde puso Rubén su sandalia para con gloria al mundo deslumbrar.

Por todo el oro del mundo no cambiaría a mi León,

pues lo quiero con amor profundo y es el cerebro de toda mi nación.

León puede ser abatido,

pero nunca vencido,

¡Viva León, Jodido!

De Mercedes la Virgen Bendita es la gran patroncita de León,

que nos dió a la mujer más bonita para que fuera un adorno en mi región.

Es Subtiava la indígena joya con que León se acostumbra ataviar,

y la playa de su Poneloya es como un cielo tendido junto al mar.

Por todo el oro del mundo…no cambiaría a mi León,

pues lo quiero con amor profundo y es el cerebro de toda mi nación.

León puede ser abatido,

pero nunca vencido,

¡Viva León, Jodido!

Viva León Jodido, L

The scoreboard at the baseball stadium.

For whom Spanish is a fluent language, I think you understand the implications and alternate meanings. For those of you who are Googling the phrase, you may get translations that are R rated. I don’t mean any disrespect using the signature. The phrase is used so often here, that it has lost its sharp edge.

Viva León, Jodido!

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