Unexpected Hiatus

León, Nicaragua, hostel, hotel, house

I’m back! After an unexpected hiatus, I am back to resume my regular writing schedule. So many things have happened in the last two months. Man, how time flies.

I was without wifi for an extended period time and then my computer took a dump. I tried writing longhand regularly in one of my many yellow legal pads. Much of that writing was incongruous and was really more of taking notes than actual writing of articles or posts. I managed to keep a photo journal on my phone so that I would not forget all the crap that has happened.

As many of you will understand, once you break the habit of writing regularly, motivation becomes an issue. “I’ll write tonight. I’ll write tomorrow morning.” Tomorrow turns into days. Days grow into a week. Weeks give way to a month. I’m sure you can relate. It wasn’t my intention to stop. Without the daily convenience of a computer the passion just waned.

The house in León is coming along nicely and the final touches should be complete within a couple of weeks. Now that the house is nearing completion, I have also been much busier trying to get it ready for permanent living situation. I have been living in the house now for nearly two months, but with only the bare necessities. Imagine living in an empty house. No beds. No cooking equipment. No Kitchen. No phones. No wifi. Just water, lights, a roof, and slew of construction noise all day long. But at least I wasn’t paying rent anymore.

A friend of mine had loaned me an inflatable matteress which had become not only my bed, but served as my couch, my dining table, and my desk as well. I moved from room to room regularly as the crew needed access to one room or another to finish the floors, place windows and doors, and tweak the bathrooms.

I have been spending most of my day overseeing the construction project, finalizing paperwork with the city, and getting utilities put in name.

I don’t know why it still surprises me, but I am always shocked by how long everything takes to do here. It literally takes a whole morning and/or afternoon just get some banking done. I don’t think I’ve spent less than two hours on any visit to the immigration office, city hall, or utility company. No matter what time of day there are always long lines and waits. The locals must take a half-day off work to get anything done.

But anyway, it is good to be back. I have truly missed it.

Got internet in the house. Got my computer cleaned up and worked on, I doubled the RAM and so it is functioning pretty well enough.  I’m ready to start writing once again.

I have included some gratuitous construction photos.

Viva León, Jodido!



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