My New Home Is Done, Finally!

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It’s Done! 

The day has finally arrived, my new house if finally done. No more construction noise. No more mess. No more people working all day in my personal space. The remodel on the house I purchased in León, Nicaragua back in April, is complete.


It has been a long time since I had peace and quiet. I’m thrilled with the results. I’m tickled to see what this space has become, knowing what it looked like the day I bought it.


The structure was sound, but the house was nearly unlivable. No more rodents, no more bats living in the bedrooms ceilings. The front doors lock, the walls are no longer crumbling, and it has a kitchen. The house had a VERY rustic kitchen. Previously, meals were prepared over an oil barrel using wood as the heat source. AND, the space doubled as the laundry area. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

The space has been completely transformed into what I had envisioned.


My belongings from the States have been unpacked. It feels good to sleep in MY BED. I’m happy to see MY PICTURES and MY ART hung on the walls. My book shelves are doing double duty, serving as book shelves and liquor cabinet, as well; my personal living space is smaller than in the States. But I’m eating meals at MY DINNER TABLE. I’m napping on MY COUCH, sometimes with my dog.

Speaking of the dog…

My dog has acclimated to her new environment. The first month was tough for her (and me). Moving from Michigan to a tropical climate brought new aspects to her life. She contracted a urinary infection, kidney stones, and some strange fungus on her face. Who knows where from. The tap water is potable but contains a different mineral mix and there are tons of stray dogs in León. Her conditions have since cleared up with help antibiotics.

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Viva León, Jodidio!

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