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I took a friend to the León’s Heodra Hospital emergency room last week. I received a frantic call from a friend who went to the market and suddenly began to feel very dizzy, nauseous, and achy.

She was offered a chair, a cool drink, and a tortilla by one of the vendor’s. They both hoped that this would make her feel better. We didn’t realize that the situation was going to escalate.  My first thought was dehydration. The sun and heat in León can be brutal. It is vital to stay in the shade or use an umbrella whenever possible.

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The Finishing Touches 

The house in León, Nicaragua is done. For real, this time. YEA! The project was already a month over the promised four month deadline. They got a free week because we were building during the rainy season. We are just anxious and excited to be nearing the end of this phase of our project.

We are eagerly awaiting the last of our furniture and cabinetry.  Carpenters have been working for the last few weeks trying to complete our projects. For now we are storing some of our goods inside the house until we can secure them properly in locked cabinets.

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It’s Done! 

The day has finally arrived, my new house if finally done. No more construction noise. No more mess. No more people working all day in my personal space. The remodel on the house I purchased in León, Nicaragua back in April, is complete.


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Who Likes Moving? I Sure Don’t

Let’s face it, moving sucks. The amount of crap that you manage to accumulate can be astounding. The thing is is that you don’t realize it until you have to put it in a box. I would have never imagined that I was going to need 132 boxes from Uhaul plus bubble wrap and tape. That doesn’t include some of the larger items that we either wrapped or just loaded.

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These Damn Sidewalks!

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Back in July I wrote a post concerning the sidewalk situation here in León. I made reference to how dangerous they can be for pedestrians. Many of the sidewalks have been taken over by street vendors.  Their “shop” often spills out into the street as well. They sell everything from fruits and vegetables to kitchen equipment to used shoes and clothing.

This morning I passed one such vendor that was offering underwear, I hope those weren’t used. Food is sold from bushel-like baskets while the other goods, like shoes and clothing is laid out on the pavement, sometimes over cardboard.

These types of street markets are not unique to León nor Nicaragua. Many cities across the globe have similar issues.

Why Am I Revisting This Issue?

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I Have a Confession to Make

I’m a sucker for “Top 10…” and “Best of…” articles even though I know that they are nothing more than click-bait for ads. I especially hate the ones that make you click “next” to continue reading the post. I normally get half-way through and go “ah, fuck it” and leave the page and move on to another article.

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I sat staring out the window of the Toyota microbus. For the first time I felt like this was truly home. I have been in León, Nicaragua for the better part of a year, leaving a few times to renew my visa. I had gone stateside twice and Costa Rica once. I never felt like I was leaving before. I knew I would be right back. This time was different, even though I knew I would be back in a couple of weeks.

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I’m back! After an unexpected hiatus, I am back to resume my regular writing schedule. So many things have happened in the last two months. Man, how time flies.

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What a couple of days I’ve had. I have been robbed twice. I felt like a jackass. I have never been robbed at home nor on any travel experience. It happened once in my hotel room and then the house I had recently purchased, was broken into. Luckily there wasn’t any damage done at the house except for the smashed padlock on the front door, the door was going to be replaced soon anyway.

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There are not too many things that really I miss from back home, not yet at least.  At first everything is new. I quickly got used to eating rice and beans and plantains and yucca almost daily.

What I have come to miss is good Bourbon (Maker’s Mark), my favorite deodorant (Jãson), tempeh, and a damn good pizza. Every few weeks I get a craving for pizza, but ultimately find myself disappointed. I have tried pizza in several places in Nicaragua. You know what they love on their pizza in Nicaragua? Ketchup!!! When the guy at the León baseball stadium ask if I wanted salsa, I assumed he meant hot sauce. I hate ketchup.

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