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Taxis Service in Nicaragua

When traveling on a budget, it is important to make every dollar count. I briefly mentioned taxi service in another post,  but felt that it warranted its own. Most people, locals and travelers alike, use some sort of public transportation on a regular basis in Nicaragua. It is an inexpensive and reliable way of getting around. As in most cities, the cabs here drive as erratically as anywhere else. The following are four tips for using taxi’s in Nicaragua.

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What Do Front Doors Say About Someone?

Front doors may not be a window into one’s soul, but they do reveal something about one’s spirit. Doors can be portals or gateways that give hints to one’s identity, wealth, character, and individuality.

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So, Who Is Rubén Darío?

Ruben Dario, Leon, Nicaragua, museum, poetry

The Rubén Darío Museum.

The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

So, who is Rubén Darío? The easy answer is that he was the father of the modernism movement. But that is too simplistic, terse, and won’t satisfy most of you. The man and his name carry the heavy burden of legendary status in the Spanish speaking world, especially in Nicaragua, and more so in León. Rubén Darío was the quintessential voice for Latin American poetry, journalism, and written works.

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Viva Leon Jodido, León, Nicaragua

Outside wall at the baseball stadium.

Viva León, Jodido!

I have received emails and comments regarding my signature/sign off on my posts. I have been signing off with Viva León Jodido!, a common expression in León. If you google the word Jodido, you get some naughty translations.  I have recently purchased a house in León and have embraced the slogan. Jodido is translated and is interpreted differently across Central and South America.

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Mother's Day, Nicaragua, May 30

School children present roses to their mothers and teachers.

Mother’s Day in Nicaragua

Today, Tuesday, May 30,  is Mother’s Day in Nicaragua. I am shocked at just how big the celebrations are here. The country is abuzz with festivals and parties. In Nicaragua, Mother’s Day is more a series of events rather than just one day, the month of  May is Mother’s Month. Nicaraguan’s put a huge emphasis on the nuclear family. It is the most important social bond.  Mother’s Day, exemplifies this cultural bond, rivaled only by the festivities of the Christmas season and Semana Santa, the holy week leading up to the Easter holiday.  Read More

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Recalibrating My Brain

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Front-row seats for Léon vs. Granada, $3.00

One of the most important things that I have found about living abroad is that I have to recalibrate the way my brain. Comparing prices that I am used to paying in the United States just doesn’t work for long. Whether it be restaurant pricing, drinks, groceries, labor, car insurance, rent, or whatever.  I had to stop thinking as a traveler or tourist.

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Tips for a Pleasant Stay in a Hostel

I realized that perhaps I should follow up on a previous post, Hostel Etiquette with a few things I look for in a hostel.While searching for a house in Nicaragua, I had been staying in hostels to keep expenses low. I have always preferred hostels over hotels. Hostels provide a very economical way to travel. I would rather spend my money on adventure and producing memories rather than a posh place sleep.

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Navigating new countries can be tricky. My focus is on Nicaragua. I have tried to avoid the obvious travel tips and alerts. If you are planning your first trip, I hope these travel tips help.

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The León Cathedral personifies its community. Officially know as Insigne y Real Basílica Catedral de la Asunción de la Bienaventurada Virgen María, it was granted World Heritage Status by UNESCO in 2011. The construction on Central America’s largest cathedral began in 1746 and was completed in 1814. It was finally consecrated many years later in 1860. Designed by Diego José de Porres Esquivel, it may be one of the most iconic images in Nicaragua but unquestionably in León.

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Hostel Etiquette

Hostels are great way to meet people, exchange ideas, swap travel tips, and save money. While searching for house, I stayed in hostels to save money. It is essential for everyone that you do your part by being respectful. In this post, I am focusing on a few things that I find most important.

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