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The Museum of the Revolution To truly understand a culture it is important to be versed in its history. Nicaragua has had a troubled and emotional past. I was old enough to remember watching the news coverage of the troubles in Nicaragua in the 1970s, but was too young to grasp the reality of what was happening. I also remember Oliver North and the Iran-Contra hearings as a teenager, but at that… Read More

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So, Who Is Rubén Darío? The Man. The Myth. The Legend. So, who is Rubén Darío? The easy answer is that he was the father of the modernism movement. But that is too simplistic, terse, and won’t satisfy most of you. The man and his name carry the heavy burden of legendary status in the Spanish speaking world, especially in Nicaragua, and more so in León. Rubén Darío was the quintessential voice… Read More